Style, comfort and energy generation

SCNAsolar solar panel solutions shed new light on architectural outlooks. Project owners and architects can now consider photovoltaic systems without disregarding the look of a site.


Photovoltaic shade system

Getting the most out of the sun means benefiting from its luminosity by filtering it, from its heat by toning it down and from its energy by channeling it. To achieve this, SCNAsolar proposes a photovoltaic shade system: a module designed from cells spaced out in the glass to partially filter the light. A bold architectural touch has been added to comfort that has already won over countless project owners. By integrating this module, buildings become attractive, practical and productive - all at the same time.

For households, businesses and local authorities alike, other applications are now possible, for winter gardens, marquees, balcony accessories and more.



Integration on facades

It's time for large facades to become potential energy sources. They can harmoniously house the photovoltaic modules made by SCNAsolar. Suspended and ventilated tiles make up the trim.