The MegaSlate® solar slate, photovoltaic roofing integrated in the building... for the long-term!

The MegaSlate® solar slate made by SCNAsolar don't just combine qualities of performance, design and robustness - they are also easy and quick to lay ! This upmarket panel fits equally well into new or renovated homes and public buildings. Covering part or all of the roof, they replace traditional tiles or slate, fitting effortlessly and seamlessly in.


Energy balance outstanding

With the current rated power of solar panels ranging from 150 to 160 Wc in standard size, the technical characteristics of the MegaSlate® make it an optimum photovoltaic solution. The silicon cells making up the module can be mono or polycrystalline and are tested individually. SCNAsolar can thus guarantee 90% of the rated power for 12 years and 80% for 25 years!


New integration prospects for photovoltaic tiles

For project owners or architects, MegaSlate® tiles are an alternative to conventional slates and tiles by fitting directly on the roof battening - making them quick and easy to lay.

Their positioning in shingles - with a 150 mm overlay- ensures complete watertightness while the absence of framework keeps dust and dirt flowing freely - giving them no chance to stick - and making upkeep light work.

The variety of formats and dimensions optimises the surface to cover for the very best profitability and smoother integration.



Unfailing sustainability

The MegaSlate® roofing system is also composed of glass fibre reinforced plastic profiles acting as a vertical gutter for the flow of residual water at the module edge. No screws also helps to make these tiles completely watertight and reliable over the long-term.

The tiles are so solid that they offer optimum protection against bad weather (wind, rain, snow, hail, etc.). The MegaSlate® tile is certified conforming by the TUV technical inspection organisation.

As a result, the energy produced by SNAsolar's MegaSlate® modules is guaranteed - for the duration.