SCNAsolar, a renowned competence

Founded in 1950, AREACEM was renamed SNA (Société Nouvelle AREACEM) in 1980 when its own employees took it over as a limited cooperative. This involvement of all SNA's employees lay the foundations for the success that the company would enjoy later on.

From the company's traditional production - i.e. vinyl record replication - its business would gradually progress towards the manufacture of optical discs during the 1980s. This timely turning point would equip SNA with genuine industrial expertise and a round-the-clock work organisation and method calling on 3 teams changing shift 7 days a week.


30 years later, this ability to make headway whilst drawing on hi-tech skills and fundamental values is once again put to good use.

In 2010, the production of photovoltaic panels is now a new activity explored by SCNAsolar. Individual inspections of components, traceability, highly automated manufacture and handling, testing (optical and digital): the countless similarities with disc replication have swiftly propelled this new photovoltaic stakeholder into the ranks of the market's leaders.

Today, as much as yesterday, SNA is keeping its sights firmly set on the future.


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